The Vision

We believe in living.
In getting out there to discover the life, adventure and limits of the world around us.

We make action sports unintimidating, welcoming, inspiring and easy-to-learn for beginners; and help more experienced athletes find the inspiration to take their sport somewhere new.

We are the action and adventure marketplace, letting you unearth, book and explore the new adventures all around you.

We Are Hyera.

Our story

We push people off bridges.

(And out of planes. Off cliffs. Over rapids. Down mountains. We can’t help ourselves.)

Hyera was dreamt up out of our love for adventure sport. Escaping the noise and distraction of modern life to challenge our limits with like-minded friends is what gets us out of bed in the morning. And there are few things better than inviting the unitiated along and watching them discover those same sensations for themselves.

We want to bring together all the adventure experiences, lessons and escapes around us into one space; making it easier than ever before to get started with a new sport, and inspiring more people to take their first leap into the epic world of adventure sports.

The Team

We’re not as mad as we look. Promise.