6 Inspirational Lifestyle Videos To Focus Your Mind


Sometimes we all lose focus on the task at hand. For those of us in the action sports industry this happens more than most; as we’re almost all the result of an ADHD-addled upbringing – it’s just in our nature to look for something more exciting than the work that…you know…actually needs to be done


In the early days of starting your own business, you can find these impulses disappear for a while, because starting a new venture is just about the most exciting think you can ever do. Nothing lasts forever though, and eventually your shiny new job just becomes your job, and the creative freedoms start to disappear as you have to deliver on the amazing brand you’re working to create.


At times like this coffee is good. Red Bull is even better. However sometimes you just need to reignite the spark into why you’re putting in all this hard graft. To that end, here are six of my favourite videos to throw on when I’m having a distracted day:

(Just maybe don’t watch them all at once…because then I’ve become the reason you did no work today – which pretty much defeats the point of this post in the first place…)


1. Revelation – A Visual Poem

Cinematography so sexy it’s almost NSFW. Seb Montaz combined this poem about escaping the city with some epic footage shot through his various film projects. Just remember; if you don’t get this work done; that job back in the city could be where you end up…so get going!


2. What If Money Was No Object? – Alan Watts

Pretty cliched, but one of the most powerful short films I’ve seen; this 4 minute except of the speakings of 20th century philosopher Alan Watts isn’t entirely accurate (becoming a master of Netflix boxsets isn’t going to get you too far in life); but deeply motivating all the same. If you’re doing it right, this business you’re creating should in some way be an extension of who you are as a person; and therefore be something you love to get up and make your work every day!


3. Inside The Mind Of A Procrastinator – Tim Urban

Look, if you weren’t reading this instead of doing what you’re supposed to be then this video wouldn’t be relevant. But you are and it is.


4. Don’t Settle – Steve Jobs

Another classic, this time from the late, great Steve Jobs. The man was so easily distracted he dropped out of college and used the rest of his semester going to other classes just to see if he could find anything that interested him – he cited calligraphy as the reason he ended up inventing different fonts for computers.

Pretty weird. But his 2005 address to the Stamford graduates featured this insanely powerful 3 minute message about doing what you love. If you haven’t heard it, this is a strong one.


5. Work-Life Balance Is An Ongoing Battle – Nigel Marsh

It’s easy to have a work-life balance when you don’t work. You’re not working right now. This applies to you!


6. Why We Do What We Do – Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is Tony Robbins. Be entertained, take something from his sublime public speaking skills, listen to his thoughts on what it is that drives us to do what we’re doing.


If you’ve got to this point and still don’t feel fired up for the day, it’s possible you have some work you really don’t want to do sat there.

Reckon you could outsource it to someone else instead?


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