Alex And Jumpy

Alex & Jumpy – The Freerunning, Skateboarding Man/Dog Double-Act



When you’re passionate about the outdoors, a love of animals seems to come-along hand-in-hand; for some the love of their best friend goes to pretty committed lengths – cue the relaxed chap we recently saw in Noosa paddleboard surfing in a deckchair with his dog up front (yes, really).

However, more often than not, these action sport pals are largely just particularly loyal/brave pooches, happy to be coming along for the ride with their owners; so today’s find of a canine companion almost more talented than his human counterpart made us smile even more than six minutes of dogs waking up their owners.


Meet Alex & Jumpy. Ok, so as you’ve probably guessed after just watching a dog doing a perfect backflip, there’s a little more to it than meets the eye. Jumpy is actually a professional Hollywood stunt-dog, trained by expert dog handler Omar Von Muller. Omar’s dogs have featured in films as varied as The Artist & Jackass, but Jumpy is the definite action-hero of the pack. A border collie-mix, Jumpy is just about the ultimate sports dog, and this video with professional parkour/freerunner Alex Duong has put a huge smile on our faces. Does anyone know of a cooler dog than this!?


Doug Stidolph


An adventure sports fanatic - and founder of Hyera - Doug will take every opportunity to run for the hills, whether that's with his skis or his mountain bike. Nothing is too much, and in his time he's skydived, skated, snowboarded, bmx'd, road cycled, bungee'd, climbed, scuba'd, flown, rafted and kayaked around every corner of the globe. Though with his accident rate we're still not sure whether he's an athlete or a stuntman...

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