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Conor Macfarlane’s Queenstown Mountain Bike Edit Gets Us Really Quite Excited For Summer

Conor Macfarlane is one of the toughest freestyle mountain bikers on the scene right now; New Zealand pumping out in inordinate amount of talent these past few years. Some of this is no-doubt down to their awesome drive and naturally adventurous Kiwi-spirit, but it’s definitely been aided by the development of some world-class mountain bike parks in places like Rotorua and Queenstown.

Conor’s latest season edit shows off the latter in its best possible light. Is it just us, or is there definitely a bit of Whistler’s style and design coming into play in some of these lines and features? Either way, looks like it’s high-time to go visit!

Doug Stidolph


An adventure sports fanatic - and founder of Hyera - Doug will take every opportunity to run for the hills, whether that's with his skis or his mountain bike. Nothing is too much, and in his time he's skydived, skated, snowboarded, bmx'd, road cycled, bungee'd, climbed, scuba'd, flown, rafted and kayaked around every corner of the globe. Though with his accident rate we're still not sure whether he's an athlete or a stuntman...

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