McGarry Flip (Photo Credit NSMB)

Flip it and Whippet: A touching tribute to Kelly McGarry

Over a month ago mountain bike legend Kelly McGarry sadly passed away whilst riding in his homeland, New Zealand. Before he left us he was filming an edit with his dog, Tui, and this was released a month later thanks to the guys over at ODI grips.

Kelly’s passion for mountain biking and helping everyone around him is still being celebrated from beyond the grave with some donation pages running in his name to help spread his love for riding to as many people as possible. Check out the trusts to donate to the cause below:

Now you can check out the insane edit of Kelly riding with his beloved Tui. A touching tribute to a great man that lived to make others happy, as well as serving as a reminder to live your life as much as possible.

YouTube / ODI Grips – via Iframely


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