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Forget Running Around The College Campus: These Skydivers Just Made Quidditch The Real Deal


For anyone who grew up reading Harry Potter (so that’s just about all of us, then),  the Quidditch matches were always highlights of the story; rarely did a match ever go as planned or everyone finish the game in the state they started.


Yet despite these hazards – and the somewhat obvious magic/levitation deficiencies here in the real world – fanboys and girls alike the world over have taken the wizarding world’s favourite sport and tried their hardest to convert it into a muggle-friendly pastime. Being honest, whilst it must be fun running around a field with a broom between your legs in an attempt to deny the real world, the results are never that spectacular. Being honest, it looks nerdy as hell:

watch real life skydive quidditch being played on Hyera


HOWEVER. The creative types at Columbian telecoms company ETB have done the decent thing and dreamed up a far more impressive version of the sport. Granted there’s more falling than flying, but that doesn’t stop this skydiving Quidditch game from being totally awesome:

YouTube / Going Viral – via Iframely

Doug Stidolph


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