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5 Minutes Of New Zealand Doing Adventure Better Than Anyone


When it comes to adventure, if you’re given the choice between something and New Zealand...
always bet on New Zealand.


Last year action sport film guru Devin Graham (@DevinSupertramp) took his entourage of adventure addicts with him on a 2 week roadtrip around New Zealand’s North and South Islands, taking in as much adrenaline as they could along the way.


Over the following weeks they released a few short edits from the various activities around the country that had anyone who has ever travelled the region wrapped back up in Kiwi nostalgia and wondering when they could escape back that way once more.


Well earlier this week Devin did the decent thing and dropped a full 5-minute montage of their best moments along the way. Featuring cameos from Brit adventure vlogger Louis Cole (@FunForLouis) and Jenna & Jordan (@StokedForSaturday), Devin has previous form on creating amazing adventure films and this latest release doesn’t disappoint:


From personal experience I can tell you this only touches on the surface of this incredible country. If you’re looking for somewhere to push your limits like never before, get some flights booked, grab a decent insurance package and go!


Sam Clarke


Professional film-maker and avid mountain-biker, snowboarder, surfer (and soon-to-be) skydiver; Sam is a creative genius with more energy than he knows what to do with. When he isn't touring the globe, releasing his own productions or working with GoFilm we tap into his brain here and get a creative's view on everything happening in the adventure world.

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