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GoPro’s New VR Video Is Virtually The Coolest Thing You’ll See On Snow


Ever since GoPro announced the release of their new 360-degree filming system last year they’ve been teasing us with videos shot everywhere from fighter jets to the middle of Times Square.


However, this new edit, released last week to showcase the GoPro Omni, is quite simply the coolest yet.
Best viewed full-screen on your mobile/tablet, or (if you’re lucky enough) on your VR goggles; this is without doubt one of our favourite videos of 2016:

(PC users remember to click-and-drag to look around!)

GoPro Omni - Hy:Life Blog | Hyera Adventure

Just as the original point-of-view cameras allowed us to join in for the ride with some of our favourite athletes, the Omni looks set to reinvent the game again, putting you in that same seat; but with the sensation of being actually there.
We’ll have 3…and the 18(!) GoPros to go with them…

GoPro Omni - Hy:Life Blog | Hyera AdventureGoPro Omni - Hy:Life Blog | Hyera AdventureGoPro Omni - Hy:Life Blog | Hyera Adventure

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