Hyera Adventure – (Almost) Open For Business!

You know, for a company made up of people who love to be outdoors, we’ve sure spent a lot of time these last few months ignoring the call of nature. For us 2015 has kicked off sitting in darkened rooms, drinking copious amounts of tea/coffee/Red Bull, listening to the soundtracks of many ski movies and attempting to ignore the steady stream of Snapchats, Instagrams, Vines and YouTube edits sent our way courtesy of so-called friends either working in-resort or busy enjoying career breaks to ‘find themselves’. All good and well, but there’s definitely a shared sentiment that we’d rather find ourselves sat there with them instead.


Hyera Adventure and Threemen Snow 2016

We can’t wait to make it back outside again. Good things come to those who wait etc, etc…

For those of you who’ve been sitting, waiting, wishing patiently with us for the past 6 months, thanks for steering the course and providing such excellent feedback on those rare occasions you’ve been able to sneak a peek at the site. We want more than anyone to go live and start sharing and growing the world of Hyera with you…however we agreed on day one that the site wouldn’t be launched until we were totally happy with it, and we’re sticking with that.


Good news is we are in the very, very final stages now; securing a few last launch Partners and chasing down all the little bugs.


It is coming. It will be worth it…And we can’t wait.


So watch this space!


Doug Stidolph


An adventure sports fanatic - and founder of Hyera - Doug will take every opportunity to run for the hills, whether that's with his skis or his mountain bike. Nothing is too much, and in his time he's skydived, skated, snowboarded, bmx'd, road cycled, bungee'd, climbed, scuba'd, flown, rafted and kayaked around every corner of the globe. Though with his accident rate we're still not sure whether he's an athlete or a stuntman...

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