Imagine finishing a hot day in the office with a few goes on this…


girls in bikinis stand by waterslide slip n slide in Texas BSR Cable Park Royal Flush Hyera Adventure


With the recent spell of sunny weather, it’s no surprise this slick video of BSR Cable Park’s new waterslide has been doing the rounds this week.

Making a bold claim to being the world’s tallest and longest waterslide, the Royal Flush (yes, really) fires riders up and out into the lake below, with enough time to get a few backflips or an awkward selfie in before splashdown.


Bike jump into lake in Texas BSR Cable Park

Kudos to the guys at Round III Media for getting this film shoot organised last month; it’s safe to say they have now drawn the collective envy of the entire internet:


Music: Memories That You Call – ODESZA


girl coming headfirst down waterslide hyera adventure


Of course this water slide being in Texas makes it a little bit harder for those of us here in Europe to go and play; however if you cannot help a desperate need to slide head-first into a lake via the sky, we’d recommend having a word with Wasteland Ski, whose Tignes Summer Sessions 2015 trip can introduce you to the Acroland waterslide/ski jump complex! The trip runs from July 17th – July 25th, so don’t hang around!


Texas Wake Park Water Slide Video Screenshot Girls Slip n Slide Hyera Adventure

guys lake waterslide slip n slide bmx bike jump practice texas hyera adventure

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