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Point Break is back…and it’s gone a bit Dark Knight Rises


Anyone who remembers the original Point Break – and surely that’s all of us – will remember the outlandish 90’s ‘radness’ of the whole affair. The heated bromance between Keanu Reeves and the late, great Patrick Swayze. The skydive scene where everyone is chatting (that lasted about 4 minutes too long). The incredible surf fashion. And of course, the Ex-Presidents.


Well 24 years have flown by since that film saw the light of day, and it seems Warner Bros has decided to kick this epic action sports flick into the 21st century. The internet is full of opinions this morning on what this first trailer offers.


All we’ll say is that if you crossed Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy with Jeb Corliss and Chalet Girl…you’d probably not be far off the mark:


YouTube / Movieclips Coming Soon – via Iframely

…but hey, if we can go to the Imax and watch those wingsuit scenes in magnificent, full-screen 3D…that’s a good thing right?

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