Suzuki Nine Queens Big Air Contest - rider: Eva Patscheider (follow cam: Ruedi Flueck)

Shredding with the Snow Sisters: Suzuki Nine Queens

With the Nine Queens freestyle showcase currently going down, we thought we should go back and check out what has happened in previous years. The Suzuki Nine Queens is a really unique event, bringing together Skiers, Snowboarders, Photographers and Filmers all in one epic location to keep feeding off each other in order to progress women’s freestyle snow sports further than ever before.

Although for the contest there is an element of competition for best trick, best photo and other categories, what is nice about the Suzuki Nine Queens showcase is taking away the real competitive element of a contest, allowing the girls to ride together, as a group, in order to advance themselves further than they had before. Instead of having to play it safe for a good run, the girls can push to get a great run down, all whilst having fun. Isn’t fun the reason we all do these sports anyway?

If you can’t wait for the new edit to come out soon, we have you covered with the footage from last year’s Nine Queens event. Sit back and watch these girls push themselves to insane levels on possibly the craziest features you’ve seen on a mountain.

YouTube / Nine Knights – via Iframely

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