These First-Time Skydiving Grannies Are One Of The Best Things On The Internet Today


Most people are fairly confident when it comes to knowing if they’d like to try a skydive or not. Those who do end up making their first leap in their young adult lives, before responsibility and family take their place at the top of the priority pecking order.

So it’s unusual to find three older ladies as excited as this bunch to buzz up in a little plane with the intention of jumping back out of it. We’re sure the fit, young skydiving instructors strapped to their backs had nothing to do with it!


Either way Bette, Rhoda and Holgie put on some fantastically brave faces and appear to have a great time in the process. We always love to hear people describing how peaceful and otherworldly a freefall jump can feel…and their descriptions of not experiencing any sense of fear (despite being between 66 and 72 years old) is something we know pretty much everyone who has ever tried it would agree with!


Give these girls a watch, and if their antics leave you in any way inspired to try you own first skydive, remember Tandem Skydives are now booking right here on Hyera…


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Doug Stidolph


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