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We think life is better spent outdoors doing what you love.

Hyera is here to help you share your adventures with more of the world, and with less of the hassle.

Why Feature?

Additional Presence

Listing your adventures on Hyera opens up a new channel of discovery to prospective participants, increasing your visibility.

Easy Customer Management

Hyera notifies you whenever a prospective customer requests a booking, giving you 3 days to get back to them and either confirm or suggest an alternative.

Immediate Payment

By the time most customers contact you, they will have already authorized payment; it’s simply up to you to accept and give them the details they need.

Looking Sharp

Our platform guarantees your adventures always look their best. Simply add in the relevant information, upload as many pictures as you like, and let us do the rest.


All bookings on Hyera are made securely, and payments are processed instantly via Paypal, giving you total peace of mind.

Time Doing What You Love

The less time you have to spend in front of the computer managing your sales, the more time you get to spend doing what you love…which is better for everyone, right?

Sales are subject to a 5% service fee. That’s it.

No membership fees. No setup costs. You only pay for the bookings you receive.

Steps To List

Getting started on Hyera is easy. Click the titles below to start each step:

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Expert Partners

We already work with some of the most established adventure businesses worldwide: